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Patrick Kennedy is the principal attorney of Kennedy Insurance Law. He has years of experience in the insurance industry and has worked for a large commercial property insurance company as its sole in-house attorney. Patrick opened Kennedy Insurance Law with the goal of using his knowledge of the insurance industry to assist policyholders in recovering what is rightfully owed to them under their policies of insurance. At Kennedy Insurance Law we know the very specialized nuances of Property Insurance Law. We do first-party property cases for:


Condominium Board of Directors


Owners of large commercial buildings


Public adjusting firms who represent commercial first-party property insurance claimants

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Appraisal is an option should the insurance carrier determine the value of the damage to your property to be less than the actual amount owed. We have in-depth experience with appraisal proceedings and will efficiently navigate you through the process, if necessary.


Claims Handling

Understanding how an insurance claim is handled by an insurance carrier is extremely important in potentially resolving your claim in a timely and satisfactory manner. Our years of experience working in-house at a major property insurance carrier ensures you have superior representation.


Estimating the Loss

Properly determining the scope and cost of repairs or replacement of your property can be the difference in a timely resolution from the carrier or the prolonged delay of your claim. We assist by obtaining actual contractor estimates that you can feel confident standing behind.



If the insurance company disagrees with our position on your behalf, and all other avenues to resolve the dispute are unsuccessful, we may file a lawsuit with your approval. Litigation is often a necessary step to resolution, and we are willing to try the case in front of a jury to resolve your claim.



Our office will coordinate with the insurance carrier to include its desk adjusters and defense counsel in order to negotiate your claim to resolution. Negotiation may occur informally or at a mediation or arbitration proceeding.


Retention of Experts

Our evaluation of your claim is only as strong as the experts evaluating your property. We will vet and coordinate experts such as engineers, building consultants, forensic meteorologists and licensed contractors to assess the damage to your property.

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We help Insureds obtain favorable property insurance claim settlements for perils such as:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Lightning
  • Explosion