About Us

Patrick Kennedy is the principal attorney of Kennedy Insurance Law. Patrick has years of experience in the insurance industry and has worked for a large commercial property insurance company as its sole in-house attorney. Through this experience, Patrick managed billions of insurance losses over the course of his career and was party to the claims handling, negotiation, and litigation management of each case. As a result, Patrick has been party to dozens of mediations and arbitrations, as well as an integral part of the decision-making process for each disputed claim through litigation.

After leaving the insurance company, Patrick opened Kennedy Insurance Law with the goal of using his knowledge of the insurance industry to assist policyholders in recovering what is rightfully owed to them under their policies of insurance. Patrick utilizes a network of insurance professionals, contractors, and experts to obtain results for his clients. Often, Patrick’s knowledge of the inner workings of insurance companies allows for expedited results. In cases where the insurance company decides to fight, Patrick and his network of connections will not back down and will represent your position up to and including trial of the case.

When hiring a lawyer, ensure that the lawyer knows the very specialized nuances of property insurance law. First-party property cases are all we do. Most of our clients for individual cases are condominium boards of directors and owners of large commercial buildings. We also serve as outside counsel for public adjusting firms who represent commercial  first-party property insurance claimants. In some cases, contractors or other insurance professionals will retain us to review contracts or assist with general business questions.

We are accepting all commercial property clients and are interested in collaborating with property management companies, property owners, public adjusters, and attorneys with the ultimate goal of assisting policyholders in their recoveries from catastrophic losses.